I love too many things. Following me will probably annoy you, so I don't recommend it.
I'm batshit and I have an unhealthy fixation on vampires (NOT the sparkly ones), Blair Waldorf's transformative power over my life, Cersei Lannister and her drinking game invention talent, the Troll of Winterfell - Sansa Stark, teens who are wolves (or Derek Hale), incestuous thousand year old vampires who originated their species, the rebels who took down the Capitol, fallen angels masquerading as Shadowhunters, fashion as performance and also as a convenient way to not be naked, dancing like a nerd, being a nerd, shiny things (that aren't vampires), and men I would like to rub myself on.
Fair warning. ;-)

*Jenny Humphrey powers activate!*

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Joseph Morgan embodies the seven deadly sins as Niklaus Mikaelson,a ferocious larger than life immortal, whose no mercy outlook on life leaves his sometimes reluctant siblings picking up the pieces.  (Bello Magazine October 2013)

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when i say i want to marry my favorite celebrity i don’t mean just bang i mean like

i want to be making pancakes on sunday morning and have him walk downstairs in plaid pajama pants with messy hair and have him kiss me on the nose

I’d also bang him though

Like a screen door in a hurricane.