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I'm batshit and I have an unhealthy fixation on vampires (NOT the sparkly ones), Blair Waldorf's transformative power over my life, Cersei Lannister and her drinking game invention talent, the Troll of Winterfell - Sansa Stark, teens who are wolves (or Derek Hale), incestuous thousand year old vampires who originated their species, the rebels who took down the Capitol, fallen angels masquerading as Shadowhunters, fashion as performance and also as a convenient way to not be naked, dancing like a nerd, being a nerd, shiny things (that aren't vampires), and men I would like to rub myself on.
Fair warning. ;-)

*Jenny Humphrey powers activate!*

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I didn’t fall off the face of the earth

But my laptop did (as in it stopped working) and I refuse to use Tumblr on my mother’s work computer. I’d probably get her fired or something lol.

One of the episodes of The 100 is named “I Am Become Death” and I love that quote and now I actually want to go back to watching this show.

So I might have just made The National’s Rains of Castomere my new ringtone. And by might have I mean that I did.

I hope it plays at my friend’s wedding next month.


Test your friends by rapping “first things first” and see if they respond with “I eat your brains” or “i’m the realest”

I responded with “I, Poppa, freak all the honeys”

Does this mean I’m old? Lol.

Friendly reminder: That show with characters who have the same names as all those characters you love from A Song of Ice and Fire comes back on tonight.

Unnecessary boobs are (probably most certainly) coming.

I was going to get up and do some yoga before the rest of my house woke up and took over the living room.

Then I got on Tumblr and had some candy.

I was definitely headed towards bed and then Twitter alerted me to Mariah Carey doing a thing.

Now it’s after 1 am and I finally got fucking iTunes to work and I will listen to this entire album. Dammit.

Every year when my grandmother comes to visit, she insists on inviting over the one ex of mine that I would sooner murder than ever be cordial to again in life (because she considers him a friend of the family - like I’m not her family) and because she insists on me greeting guests, when he does come I stay in my room so I don’t say something bitchy like I do…..all the time and he’s in my house right now which means that I can’t get more wine from the kitchen and that is the true tragedy of my life.

Can I just spend my summer writing fic and making cosplay outfits and drinking wine?
Spoiler Alert: yes I can because I didn’t enroll in summer school. Oh yeah.

The cool kids sit in the back of the bus!

Something I legit just hollered at my mother despite the both of us being adults and non bus riders.

House just said “I have a theory” and my automatic thought was “It could be bunnies”.

This is what my life is.




President Barack Obama at the White House Correpondents’ Dinner. 


this shit was brutal

The little girl who plays young Mako is so adorable. I just might die.