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I'm batshit and I have an unhealthy fixation on vampires (NOT the sparkly ones), Blair Waldorf's transformative power over my life, Cersei Lannister and her drinking game invention talent, the Troll of Winterfell - Sansa Stark, teens who are wolves (or Derek Hale), incestuous thousand year old vampires who originated their species, the rebels who took down the Capitol, fallen angels masquerading as Shadowhunters, fashion as performance and also as a convenient way to not be naked, dancing like a nerd, being a nerd, shiny things (that aren't vampires), and men I would like to rub myself on.
Fair warning. ;-)

*Jenny Humphrey powers activate!*

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Because I hate myself and have finished the (incredibly emotionally damaging) Bloodlines series, I am reading the next House of Night book.
More slut shaming ahoy!

Irri: [...] It is known.

Jhiqui: It is *not* known [...]

Me: *dies laughing*

I have a tub of Red Vines in my lap and I’m watching Chair videos on YouTube. This is what’s become of me lol.

So my BFF and I were at brunch yesterday and realized once again that we’d forgotten to do a GOT rewatch until it was too late. Ugh x 1000.

I mean, I’m always up for a good 30 hour TV marathon (I did rewatch most of TVD seasons 1 & 2 in 2 days once lol) but unfortunately, BFF is a party pooper.

Oh well. Good thing we’ve read the books and know that most of this show is a pale imitation of the characters we actually love anyway.

I did the thing. I closed my laptop and then opened the Tumblr app.

Elijah! Don’t hand Klaus pointy things! He will more likely than not stab you with it! Gah!

Hulu automatically plays the next episode so ugh, I’m still watching Vampire Diaries. I’m lazy, it is my way.

Anyway, are they really dragging out this whole Damon killed Aaron reveal like anyone actually gave a shit about Aaron Whitmore?

I mean, they are, but fuck them for that nonsense.


4 day plus Preview Night! Going to SDCC for the 3rd year in a row.

Time to start constructing my costumes lol

There is a category labeled “Dysfunctional Family Horror Stories” being recommended for me on Netflix and it has become scary how well this non sentient web service knows me.