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If a tree falls in forest and no ones around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If Elena Gilbert’s life doesn’t need saving, does Bonnie Bennett exist?

If Jeremy Gilbert isn’t dead, does Elena actually care about him?

If Stefan Salvatore isn’t sleeping with anyone besides Elena Gilbert, does she care about him?

If Damon Salvatore is killing innocent people, does Elena Gilbert care?…

If Elena Gilbert says she isn’t like Katherine, why is she acting like her?


Really? She opened up to you about her family, her life. She talked about how Henrik died and how Mikael stabbed them all through the heart with a sword. Then you proceeded to dagger her, killed her brother, wanted to kill Nik until you found out all your loved ones would die. In order for her family to be safe she killed you because that was the only way to get rid of Alaric. Then you proceeded to kill yet another brother. How are you any better? You’re not. No one on this damn show is better than one another and it’s time the character’s start realizing that. Some character’s need to stop acting like the good guy when they aren’t.

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All I’ll say on the matter is I’ve been shipping them since episode 2 of season 2, when Stefan took her in the bathroom and told her she is going to be okay. So if I’M shipping them (laughing herself) then maybe one day it’s a road that we can travel down.

Julie Plec on whether Steroline will ever happen (x)  (via thevampirediariesfangatic)